Reepham Low Carbon Community Challenge




A Water Cycle Study (WCS) (available at has been carried out to provide an evidence base for water issues in the Greater Norwich area. As a result of the study, emerging policies in the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) require new development to be water efficient to make best use of water resources in one of the driest parts of the country.

In the case of Reepham (see pages 72 and 73 of the Non Technical Report) , the WCS has shown that:

1. Wastewater treatment  will require "innovative solutions", such as reedbed wetlands, to meet water quality requirements for water entering the River Wensum, an internationally protected Special Area for Conservation.

2. It is possible that new development in Reepham could be "water neutral" (not increase water usage in the area), as encouraged regionally, if new homes are built to the high standards proposed in the JCS and existing homes had their water efficiency increased through more metering and the use of "low use fittings" such as low flush toilets.

Therefore, given the successes the Reepham Green Team have already had in promoting collective environmental action, there is an excellent opportunity for Reepham to lead the way in promoting water efficiency.

The need for greater water efficiency is an issue which is particularly relevant in the East of England and rising up the agenda nationally.

As a result of the importance of water issues regionally, Waterwise East has been established The organisation provides advice for individuals and professionals on water issues.