Reepham Low Carbon Community Challenge

Reepham Car Club

Reepham Car Club

Project Description

Norfolk Car Club's new Volkswagen Golf BlueMotions are available 24/7 for you to rent by the hour, day or week.

Book any car in the fleet online or by phone, and use your smartcard to collect and return the car.

Hourly rates range between just £1.25 and £4.25 per hour.  Join Online at


The main benefits are:

1. Provides access to transport and, thereby, access to services (health, education, training, employment, leisure)

2. Reduces transport costs, compared to owning and running your own car.

3. Reduces carbon emissions. Norfolk Car Club's low emission VWs emit 50% less carbon than the average car in Norfolk.


Each VW Golf is fitted with state of the art telematics, which enables members to book a car on line or by ‘phone and then access the cars with their Norfolk Car Club smartcards.

Norfolk Car Club has vehicles in the following locations:

Reepham     two cars and van

Norwich       twelve cars

Aylsham      two cars

Norfolk Car Club vehicles are operated by a not-for-profit Community Interest Company.

Community Champion

Rex Warner

Rex Warner,  Reepham Car Club

Reepham Car Club

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