Reepham Low Carbon Community Challenge

Reepham Town Hall

Reepham Town Hall

Project Description

Reepham Town Hall Management Committee has a number of projects which enable Reepham Town Hall to be more energy efficient.

  • Secondary double glazing
  • Installation of a new boiler for heating
  • Cavity wall insullation were possible

New white goods were purchased for the kitchen area comprising of water heater, cooker, fridge and freezer.


Improved energy efficiency will reduce the running costs and also contribute to reducing Reepham's Carbon footprint. Everyone who uses Reepham Town Hall will benefit from the improved facilities.

Community Champions

Busty Rudd and Andrea Wilson

Busty Rudd and Andrea Wilson

Reepham LEAF projects

In January 2012, Reepham secured £110,000 LEAF (Local Energy Assessment Fund) funding.

The largest Reepham LEAF project is a complete refurbishment of the interior of the Town Hall.

The refurbishment has been completed and includes internal solid wall insulation and insulation to the roof.