Reepham Low Carbon Community Challenge

Reepham Primary School

Reepham Primary School

Project Description

Reepham Primary School is committed to becoming a sustainable school, as reflected in our school vision which is to care for ourselves, each other and our world.  We have an eco team which is working in a number of areas related to sustainability. Our desire to reduce our energy use and generate energy by using renewable technologies forms part of this plan.


Insulating our roof space, lagging pipes and double glazing will reduce energy loss and we are installing solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panels.  This will reduce our carbon footprint and energy bills allowing more money to be spent on teaching and learning.  Pupils and parents will be able to see how these measures work practically and this will lead to increased awareness of how to reduce CO2 emissions.


We have obtained grants from the Low Carbon Building Programme, the Community Sustainable Energy Programme and Broadland District Council as well as the Low Carbon Community Challenge.  Planning permission is required for installation of the solar panels and replacement of windows.

Community Champion

Alison Kennedy

Reepham LEAF projects

In January 2012, Reepham won £110,000 LEAF (Local Energy Assessment Fund) funding.

The second largest Reepham LEAF project is a refurbishment of the school canteen block.

The refurbishment has included external solid wall insulation and installation of a ventillation and heat recovery system