Reepham Low Carbon Community Challenge

Reepham Housing Trust

Reepham Housing Trust

Project Description

We are delighted to be included in this project which will make Reepham Housing Trust homes more sustainable.

Scheduled works include:

Solar Thermal panels on the roofs

Air source heat pumps and new radiators, replacing night storage heaters

Replace existing windows with triple glazing


These improvements will make the eight bungalows more comfortable for the tenants and cheaper to run.


The refurbishment is being co-ordinated by Saffron Housing Trust. Results from the first bungalow to be refurbished indicate the following results:

CO2 emissions have been reduced from 4645kg to 2825kg per year

Energy usage has been reduced from 25944kw/h to 13064kw/h per year

The amount of annual income required to avoid fuel poverty has been reduced from £9856 to £8100 per year


This project was facilitated by the Build with CaRe (Carbon Reduction) project, BwC, which has the ambition of mainstreaming low-carbon construction in Europe.  UEA is a lead partner in BwC and has been working with Saffron Housing Trust in BwC and with Reepham on the biofuels for heating programme.  Refurbishment of the Reepham Housing Trust properties provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate refurbishment options from which local, regional and international partners can learn.  Improvement of energy efficiency of existing buildings is one of the principal barriers identified within BwC to reducing greenhouse emissions across the EU.


Community Champions

Trustees, Reepham Housing Trust