Reepham Low Carbon Community Challenge

Biofuel Trials

Project Description 

The project was a 12 month field trial of the feasibility of local houses and schools running their heating systems on a blend of liquid biofuel. The project wanted to establish whether or not it was possible to convert heating systems to run reliably on biodiesel made from a blend of used cooking oil and regular domestic heating oil.


Those sites involved with the field trials will reduce their running costs and carbon emissions. Once these biofuels become easily available, they will offer a low cost alternative to domestic heating oil - enabling users to have a more efficient heating system for a modest capital cost. The trials were also an opportunity for a boiler manufacturer to trial a new boiler.


The UEA and Clean Energy Consultancy worked with the Reepham Green Team and held meetings in Reepham with local residents. The residents and schools who took part in the trial had their boilers converted to run on liquid biofuel. Some had a new boiler installed by a manufacturer which wanted to test boilers running on the fuel.

Community Champion

Andrew Robertson, Clean Energy Consultancy

Reepham LEAF projects

In January 2012, Reepham won £110,000 LEAF (Local Energy Assessment Fund) funding.

As part of the Reepham LEAF projects, Andrew Robertson was commissioned to carry out two studies...

1. Reepham Liquid Biofuel Heating Feasibility Study - this study looks at how Reepham can continue to lead the development and delivery of sustainably produced liquid biofuel for heating.

2. Reepham Community Renewable Technology Feasibility Study - this study looks at which solutions and technologies could be used to provide the community with heat &/or power.