Reepham Low Carbon Community Challenge

Reepham High School and Sixth Form College

Reepham High School and Sixth Form College

Project Description

Our project is to provide photo voltaic cells on the college roof and provision of a wind turbine in the grounds.  These will enable the school to generate electricity reducing our carbon footprint. The potential is then to generate savings and income that will be used to invest in further low carbon initiatives in the school and wider community.

Additionally, we have ordered an electric minibus which will be used extensively by our students and will also be available to the local community via the Reepham Car Club.


We will reduce the carbon generated by the school for the benefit of the community.  The turbine and cells will also be able to be used in the curriculum to teach our students about green issues and ways of reducing carbon consumption.  The project will be a visible statement of our desire to enhance our local environment.

The minibus will be used by the local community in a range of ways enhancing the community’s transport networks.


PV cells – We had hoped to get these when we originally built the college but funding did not permit. However the roof was designed to enable easy installation of PV cells and we have therefore been able to quickly order the appropriate panels.  Installation will go ahead during the holidays when the pupils are off site.

Wind turbine – we have commissioned an environmental report, which will be used to support a planning application later this year. 

Our Minibus is on order and will take 6 months to build.  It will be delivered in the autumn term.

Community Champion

Peter Collins

Peter Collins,  Reepham High School and Sixth Form College