Reepham Low Carbon Community Challenge

Reepham Chamber of Commerce

Reepham Chamber of Commerce

Project Description

The project involved lighting specialists auditing the lighting of business premises in Reepham and proposing optimum low energy lighting designs for each business.  Based on these designs, grant money was then secured to pay for the parts and labour for each low energy lighting installation. Local electricians have been used wherever possible.


Individual businesses will benefit from reduced energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint.  Reepham as a whole will therefore reduce its carbon footprint and the community will also benefit from two new sets of low energy Christmas lights. The positive publicity generated by the scheme is likely to strengthen the local economy and community spirit.


Initially, local businesses were informed of the scheme and asked if they would like to participate. Then, local lighting specialists were recruited.  Competitive quotes were obtained for each business premises, electrical parts were ordered and electricians commissioned. Finally, convenient installation dates were confirmed with the businesses.

Community Champion

Tom Thornley

Tom Thornley, Reepham Chamber of Commerce