Reepham Low Carbon Community Challenge

Whitwell and Reepham Station

Whitwell and Reepham Station

Project Description

Installing a Biomass boiler and radiator system.  Increasing the thermal performance of the Engine Shed and Station House through insulation, roofing, doors and associated work.


There has been a substantial improvement in the thermal performance of the Station House and Engine Shed. The Biomass Boiler will help the Station buildings to be heated sustainably. The LCCC projects enable events to be held in the Station House and visitors to have tours of the Engine Shed with explanations about the engines and rolling stock.


Much of the work to improve the thermal performance of the buildings has been undertaken by volunteers. Wherever possible, local suppliers were used to source materials. A planning application has been submitted for installation of the Biomass Boiler.

Community Champion

Mike Urry

Mike Urry, Whitwell and Reepham Station