Reepham Low Carbon Community Challenge

Reepham Rotary Club

Reepham Rotary Club

Project Description

Re-fitting 10 community kitchens (including the local primary school) with modern, energy-efficient appliances. Most kitchens were equipped with inefficient appliances nearing the end of their useful economic lives.  


The new equipment will held reduce running costs, improve storage of food, provide more efficient supplies of hot water and better washing-up facilities, particularly where dishwashers were installed.


Audits were carried out of each kitchen to enable lists to be compiled of the new equipment required. Suppliers were contacted and asked to recommend Energy efficient "A" rated appliances which could be purchased within the project’s budget. Deliveries and installations had to be made to a strict time table.

Community Champion

Terry Sutton, Reepham Rotary Club

Reepham Rotary Club

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